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The Best Trello Power-Up for Increasing Productivity

Projectivity ensures the success of your projects by uniting contractors or freelancers behind a common goal. The application allows project owners to issue Rewards: payments based on the success of the project.

If the project meets its goals, everyone wins, and Rewards are distributed.

You can scale Rewards to the relative value of each task, deepening the investment contractors feel in crucial aspects of your project.

Freelancers naturally focus on the task at hand.

They only see a piece of the bigger picture - their piece. By encouraging contractors to work towards a common and more rewarding goal, Projectivity creates a unified team that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

The Best Trello Power-Up for Payments

Projectivity makes it easy to issue micropayments for each completed task. Whether you make payments domestically or across international borders, you’ll never pay a transaction fee.

You’ll reduce overhead for each and every task you outsource and still pay your contractors more than they would have received on those other platforms, allowing you to hire more experienced and capable freelancers.

You get better work at a lower cost, and the contractor gets paid more. Everybody wins.