Use Cases


Contribute to projects in a greater way

The Projectivity app is ideal for Entrepreneurs as they need to rely on contractors in order to keep their overhead low. This means lots of different tasks that they need to outsource. Before Projectivity, this meant paying inflated fees on various freelancing platforms and receiving sub-par work in return as the contractors are not properly motivated.

Now entrepreneurs can pay their contractors more upfront, and it will still be less than they would have paid on those freelancing sites thanks to 0% transaction fees. And with the promise of rewards and bonuses on the successful completion of the project, the contractors have a vested interest and will deliver at a higher level.

  • Reduce your transaction fees to 0
  • Allow contractors to get a part of the upside if the business succeeds
  • Have an influence on the direction of the projects that you’re involved with
  • Micro and cross borders payments made easy
  • Mimic the success of big corporations employees engagement, loyalty, and team responsibility into the gig economy by utilizing unique incentive plans for contractors

Eric is an entrepreneur building a new online store.
Rachel is a Designer who makes extra money freelancing.
William is a Student who does some development in his spare time.

Using Projectivity, Eric can contract out tasks to Rachel and William. While Rachel and William get immediately paid for their work once a task is completed, they can also enjoy an additional Personal Bonus if they go the extra mile and complete further work (as defined by Eric) and a Team Reward when Eric’s project is completed successfully.

Eric is happy as he was able to get his business started with lower capital expenditure.
Rachel and William are happy as they got paid immediately, with no extra transaction fee, and they earned PERSONAL BONUSES and TEAM REWARDS. They now have a great incentive to do more work for Eric the next time he issues a task.

Digital Marketing Manager

Contribute to projects in a greater way

When it comes to managing a digital marketing program, Projectivity is a dream come true. Being able to quickly and accurately assess the ROI of a marketing campaign makes it the perfect fit for personal bonus and reward payments.

When a contractor gets paid more upfront and then knows that additional work will earn immediate additional income and, further, if the marketing campaign is successful, they are going to bet a bonus on the backend, they are much more likely to spend more time and effort on their ad designs or copywriting.

All of this works together to produce campaigns that will drive more leads, conversions, and ultimately more profit!
Everyone’s incentives are aligned
A team of contractors is easily united to a common goal
Tasks are completed efficiently and up to standard
Projects are more likely to become successfu

Today, David, a marketing manager, pays a monthly retainer for media campaign management.
But with Projectivity, David can pay media campaign managers $X per campaign per month, and in addition, $Y REWARDS every month. At the end of each month, David can distribute a bonus pro rata to his contractors

His contractors are happy because they get their initial $X plus a $Y Rewards, and they also have a financial incentive to continue to help David reach his targets


Non - Governmental Organizations

Contribute to projects in a greater way

In a Non-Governmental Organization, it’s vitally important to be transparent so that Donors have a clear understanding of where and how their donations are being utilized. They want to feel confident that their contributed funds benefit a good cause and that they are genuinely making a difference by supporting the organization.

By using Projectivity, everyone associated with the organization (volunteers, contributors, donors, etc.) are always on the same page and fully informed because they can see how specific tasks fit into the larger-scale project and how their donations are fueling the progress made towards their end goal. Because they were able to eliminate the transaction fees they would have incurred with an alternative platform, app, or website, their project budget will stretch further and preserve their resources. An added bonus is the individual contributors become personally and financially motivated to continue

to follow and support the project and overall mission that the organization is attempting to reach. This leads to an increase in productivity, better performance from everyone involved, and much higher donor satisfaction.

Create transparency with volunteers, contributors, and donors
Increase donations and engagements
Enable donors to make payments only after the task has been completed
Pay success bonuses in order to motivate the team Transparency in regard to where the donation goes Micropayments per actual task performed
Pay more for successful projects

Andrea wants to support a new organization this year.
It’s very important to her that she feels invested in the mission statement of the organization and that she’s able to follow its progress, understand how her donations are being utilized, and feel as though her money is truly making a difference.
She turns to an organization that uses Projectivity because she’s able to view the end goal, the individual tasks that will enable the end goal, and how her resources benefit each individual task. Andrea is happy - she gets transparency and has visual confirmation that she’s made a difference and contributed to a worthy cause.
The organization is happy - they are closer to reaching their goal thanks to the support of patrons and donors like Andrea.

Corporate Managers

Contribute to projects in a greater way

When a corporate manager looks to outsource, the tasks that are needed are often high level and require a contractor with specific experience and knowledge. This typically means higher costs for the work itself. Being forced to pay an additional 20% fee on top of that can quickly take a task from being “in budget” to “out of budget.”

With Projectivity’s 0% transaction fees, corporate managers have no issue paying their outsourced contractors a higher upfront rate, as they’ll still save money over the typical freelancing platforms. We understand that in a corporate environment, the stakes for success on each project are closely monitored by upper management, and the ability to provide your contractors with rewards based on the success of the project will help to ensure that goals will be met and exceeded!

Easily create internal incentive plans in order to increase efficiency and productivity
Perform micro-payments per tasks
Bonuses are paid when business results have been achieved

Chris has an upcoming project that upper management has taken a keen interest in.
In order to come in under budget, Chris turns to Projectivity and hires Nathan, who happens to be a freelancing expert with the specific skill set that Chris needs to complete his project. With no 20% fee, Chris is able to complete his project on time and within budget.
Chris is happy - he proved to his management that he is capable of taking on more significant projects. Nathan is happy - he got quality pay for his services and received a Reward when the project succeeded.
Upper Management is happy - they have a quality employee in Chris who understands the specific needs of his company.

Start-Up Investors

Contribute to projects in a greater way

Investors love transparency. They want to know what their investment is being used for and how it is being distributed. By being able to invest directly into the contractors working on the project, they feel more involved in contributing to the success of the initiative.

When it comes to start-ups, there are always many tasks that need to be completed across multiple projects, and budgets are often tight. The ability to have tasks completed at a lower upfront cost is crucial to stretching the start-up’s budget that has been provided by the investors. By putting a reward system in place, contractors will be able to share in the success of the project while keeping upfront costs more affordable in order to help ensure that start-up’s ultimate success.

Invest your money directly into the workers
Have better control over money spending distribution
Have better control over the project itself

Irina is an investor in a software start-up. She’s taken a calculated risk in supporting this start-up and wants to ensure that the contractors being hired to get it off the ground fulfill their obligations and provide quality work that will ensure her ROI.
Because the software start-up’s founder uses Projectivity, Irina is able to easily monitor the progress being made, see that the contractors are providing quality work, coming in under budget and on time,
allowing her to feel confident that she’ll make good on her investment.

Irina is happy - she took a calculated risk and now can watch it provide her with her ROI.
The Start-Up is happy - they have a higher chance of succeeding because they used Projectivity and have Irina’s support and approval. The Contractors are happy - they see how their work contributes to the overall success of the start-up and receive a Reward after launch.

Getting the Most out of Your Freelancers/Contractors

Example 1
James works for a produce distributor. As part of their company’s outreach to stores and hospitality services that benefit from the low prices they negotiate with producing farms around the world, he needs to come up with a successful campaign that highlights the importance of understanding where your produce comes from.
Thanks to Projectivity, he connects with Chris who is eager to get started on his write-up about the growth, harvest, and distribution of Bananas.

Chris understands that:
He will be immediately paid for his work upon completion
He will receive a Personal Bonus if he also completes a write up on Apples
He will receive a Team Reward after the campaign launches successfully

Chris is happy - he saw the entirety of the project and knew that if he went the extra mile for James, he would receive additional compensation without the 20% markup that other platforms charge.
James is happy - he connected with a freelancer that he knows will go above and beyond for him to ensure that his projects are completed on time and in an exceptional manner. 

Example 2
Mary needs a blog post written for her company’s website. Knowing that she’s on a tight schedule, she turns to Projectivity as a way to offer an additional incentive to a freelancer willing to complete the project quicker for her.

Jordan agrees to complete the article for Mary in three days’ time. He understands that he will be paid $100 upon completion of the blog, however, he also knows that if he completes her blog within two days that he’ll receive an additional Personal Bonus of $20, bringing his total payment up to $120.

Jordan is happy - he was able to easily connect with Mary, receive immediate full payment for his work, and was able to receive additional money for pushing the project through faster. Mary is happy - she got her blog completed in plenty of time and knows that she has a freelancer willing to work quickly on her behalf.